SPS wrecking shop in San Antonio TX

Here’s a short clip of me rocking out in Texas. One of the memorable nights of the tour. I still use vinyl in my live sets when showcasing.  Why?? Well, I like to take risks I guess.. Makes shit more interesting.  Skips, jumps and hums are all part of the game. I love technology, calculation, […]

DJ SPS Extended Family Tour Showcase!

A beastly clip of battle champ DJ SPS in Jacksonville, FL on The Extended Family Tour (E-Turn & SPS and MADD ILLZ). This particular show took place in Downtown Duval in conjunction with Jacksonville’s month “Lyricist Live” event

Back in the Swamps!!!

  We made it in one piece! From Florida to North Carolina and back again.. So far, the Extended family tour has been a success! All of the hosts were on point and made us feel right at home. Our last and final show is happening this Saturday in South Florida. Its sure to be […]