DJ SPS Joins Black Violin’s 2015 Tour

BVSPS Winnipeg stageDJ SPS has started the 2015 year on the road traveling Canada, and now, the U.S. as the touring Turntablist musician for the American Classical/ Hiphop duo, Black Violin. Black Violin are instrumentalists, Kev Marcus (Violin) and Will B. (Viola), who have appeared on Showtime at the Apollo, worked with Alicia Keys, Linkin Park, Gym Class Heroes, P. Diddy, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Aerosmith, Aretha Franklin, and the Eagles.

SPS began the Canada tour with Black Violin on January 5. All of the shows with them were held at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People (MTYP), for the whole month of January. He goes on to tell his experience what it was like playing with the group in the beginning:

“This was my training ground for learning the flow of the show set as well as getting familiar with working in a theatre environment.”

The group is now on show number 55 this past week in New York City and the next show is in Burlington, ON (Canada). There are about 30 more to go up until May 1st.

He continues to explain what it has been like touring with Black Violin:

“It’s been a humbling and fun experience. They are such skilled musicians. You never know what will come next while performing on stage with them. I have to always be sharp, ready to cut, drop beats, or just improv some dope musical stuff on the spot, as well as add my flavor to the sets. That’s pretty much how I get down on the turntablist tip.”

He goes on to tell what makes this tour different than any other tour he has been on:

“I would have to say the sold out crowds packing a theatre to hear classical violin fused with hiphop and turntablism. Before, I’ve played mostly for hiphop crowds in clubs or bar settings. I still like that intimate environment…I feel more connected to the listener. But I do like to expand on touching people or crowds that never would have thought turntables could be used in a setting the way I apply my skills. That’s the ultimate goal of being a musician: To touch the Masses. Never play it safe. Reach and Teach.”

To find out more about Black Violin tour dates, check out the link below:


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